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10 Foot Nylon Braided Charging Cables

NEW HookUps 10 Foot Extra Long Nylon Braided Cables with High Speed USB 2.0

Fun Factory Candy Hookups 10 Foot iPhone Cable Nylon

iPhone Comp. Cable

Item#: TU70109
Display Count: 36
Unit Price: $9.99 (SRP)

Fun Factory Candy Hookups 10 Foot Type-C Nylon Cable

Type-C Cable

Item#: TU70110
Display Count: 12
Unit Price: $9.99 (SRP)

Fun Factory Candy Hookups 10 Foot Micro USB Cable

Micro USB Cable

Item#: TU70111
Display Count: 24
Unit Price: $9.99 (SRP)

Fun Factory Candy Hookups 10 Foot Cable Rack
Total Retail (SRP)


ITEM#: TC72144

10' Nylon Braided Cables

- Available in 4 Unique Styles -

Hookups Braided Cable Red
Hookups Braided Cable Blue
Hookups Braided Cable Black
Hookups Braided Cable Green
Fun Factory Candy 10 Foot Nylon Braided Cables

Dual Wall & Car Chargers

 2.1 Amp USB Charger (Recommended)

Hookups Dual Wall Charger

Dual Wall Charger

Item#: TU708180

Hookups Dual Car Charger

Dual Car Charger

Item#: TU70804

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