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Fun Factory Candy Mini Racer Toy Car

Introducing the Mini Racer with Stunt Dome.

High Speed Stunt Car Toy for Kids with USB Charging

Fun Factory Candy Mini Racer Toy Packaging Box

Mini Racer with Stunt Dome

Multiple Gameplay Mini Racer Toy Car with 360 Degree Stunt Dome and LED Lights for super cool effects.

  •  (1) Mini Racer Stunt Car
  •  (1) Transparent Stunt Dome
  •  (1) USB Charge Cable
  •  (1) Connect Cable for 360° Stunts
  •  Flashing Multi-Color LED Lights
  •  On/Off Switch with 2 Speeds Settings
  •  Batteries Included
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Mini Racer Display


Unit UPC: 8-4012416080-4
Display UPC: 8-4012414080-6
Display Count: 32 pieces
Item #: BU14080
Display Dimensions: 9.25” (w) x 10.5” (d) x 40.5” (h)
Unit SRP: $9.99
Total Retail: $319.68
Fun Factory Candy Mini Racer POP Display
Multiple Gameplay

Place the Mini Racer inside the transparent sphere and watch it light up while doing amazing 360° tricks!

The Mini Racer with Stunt Dome is Fun for all Ages.

360° Rotate Stunt Car with Multiple Gameplay!

Mini Racer Light Icon
Mini Racer Battery Icon
Mini Racer Speed Icon
Clock Icon

Usage Time

25 minutes of playtime

Charging Icon

Charge Time

Charges in 30 minutes

Fun Factory Candy Mini Flyer Induction Flying Drone Toy
MPH Icon

10-15 MPH

ON/Off switch (2 speeds)

360 Degree Icon

360° Spin

Multiple gameplay & tricks

Mini Racer Display Set-Up

Easy setup with removable trays

Fun Factory Candy Mini Racer Display Setup

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