Candy Shipper from Fun Factory Candy

Candy Shipper

Shipper Dimensions: 15.5"(l) x 12"(w) x 46"(h)

  • Item #: FF13191
  • QTY: 180
  • Unit SRP: $1.99

Our candy shipper is filled with an assortment of unique and classic candy with a variety of flavors.

Candy Falvors
Paint Splasher Candy Dipping Powder Paint Splasher
Lollipop w/ Dipping Powder
48 $1.99
Tongue Bomb Popping Camdy Tongue Bomb
Popping Candy
36 $1.99
Party Pop Party Pop
Lollipop Ring w/ LED Lights
48 $1.99
Candy Spray Fruit Blast Candy Spray
Fruit Blast
24 $1.99
Pop N Lock Candy Spray Pop 'N' Lock
Lollipop w/ Locking Clip
24 $1.99

Candy Products

Paint Splasher PDQ Candy Display

Paint Splasher

Lollipop & Candy Powder Dip
Item #: FF11101
Unit SRP: $1.99
Party Pop Candy PDQ Display

Party Pop

Lollipop Ring w/ Flashing Lights
Item #: FF11107
Unit SRP: $1.99
Candy Spray PDQ Display

Candy Spray

Fruit Blast
Item #: FF11106
Unit SRP: $1.99
Pop N Lock PDQ Display

Pop 'N' Lock

Lollipop with Locking Clip
Item #: FF11104
Unit SRP: $1.99
Tongue Bomb Candy PDQ Display

Tongue Bomb

Popping Candy & Tongue Painter
Item #: FF11001
Unit SRP: $1.99

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