Fun Factory Candy & Novelty Co.

is a privately owned distribution company. The basic function of the company is to source, market and distribute grocery and independent store retailers tech, novelty, and candy items from both the domestic and overseas markets. Wholesaler and DSD discounted convenience store products such as tech accessories, trending novelty and seasonal products. We are well established with a high professional sales, marketing, product development, warehousing and distribution operation. Consequently we are able to handle all the major grocers and independent retail operators. We are continuously creating and sourcing products, which we feel have the potential to impact on the market. We have all the necessary experience, knowledge and capital to ensure the success of our customers.
  • Fun Factory Candy Party Pop Candy PDQ Counter Display
  • Fun Factory Candy Do It Yourself Toys
  • Hookups Tech Accessories for Stores
  • Hookups Tech Accessories for Stores
  • Fun Factory Candy Mini Racer Toy Car
  • Putty Classic Toys for Kids
  • Washable Sidewalk Chalk
  • Fun Factory Candy Paint Splasher PDQ Counter Display
  • Fun Factory Candy Missile Whistle Toy
  • Augmented Reality Gaming Gun
  • Pop N Lock Candy Suckers
  • Wireless Charger for iPhone and Android
  • i54 Tech Accessories
  • Hookups Thick Nylon Charging Cables
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