Tongue Bomb Inferno

The Hot Candy Challenge Game!

Introducing the Tongue Bomb Inferno Extreme Challenge Candy Game! Includes 3 games in each bag. Play it with up to 2-6 players. Each game includes 5 cherry jelly beans & 1 inferno hot jelly bean.

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Tongue Bomb Inferno Packaging

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Step 1

 Select Candy

Each player chooses an
equal amount of jelly beans.
Up to 6 players
Step 2

 Eat Candy

All players must eat their
candy at the exact same time.
5 cherry & 1 hot
Step 3

 Loser Burns

One player will lose & get
the extremely hot jelly bean,
while the rest enjoy!


Extremely Hot! Keep out of reach of children under 13 and the elderly. Do not consume if you have any medical or allergic condition where spicy foods would or potentially could cause an adverse reaction.

Tongue Bomb Inferno Jelly Beans

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